Hire our new MINI jukebox at a MINI price OF R1050

The MINI juke was deigned to be super portable but still offering all the features of our big jukes. Ideal for smaller venues, kiddies parties, longer holiday hires or at home where big speakers are not needed.
So what do you get with it.

  • The juke itself with 50 000 songs
  • 2 small speakers on stands. Please note these are not big enough for large halls.
  • You can also hook the juke up to your own sound system if you prefer or to a venues equipment.

Reasons to hire the Mini Juke

  • Perfect for kiddy parties where you don’t need big sound. Place on a table and the little ones will be able to get to the screen as you can place it on a small table.
  • If you do not need large speakers then these smaller speakers will be perfect.
  • Going away to a far away venue for a few days. No problem to collect yourself and save on delivery / collection fee. Juke comes in a rugged canvas bag to protect it and easy fits on the backseat of your car.
  • Low budget parties make this a perfect add on.
  • Low rental cost means you can rent it for a week at a discounted daily rate.
  • Touch-Screen interface is easy to use.
  • Songs cross fade from one song to the next.
  • Volume is controlled from the touchscreen.
  • The jukebox can be customised as to how you want your guests to interact with it.
  • There is a guest and a host mode so you can restrict what your guest can do with the jukebox.
  • Need a specific song…we can make sure that they are loaded for you.
  • Songs or artists can be searched for with the on screen keyboard.
  • Custom playlists can be set up for you before hand to get the party going.
  • There is no need to insert coins or cash to play a song.
  • Fantastic talking point at your party.

So head on over to our Online Hire Enquiry page and make a booking now.

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