Common Questions Asked

What kind of music do you play at Weddings?

I use my experience as a DJ to sum up the audience and choose music accordingly. To say before hand what will be played is not possible. Generally a good mix of new and old is a what I find works well.

What can influence the dance?

The size of the dance floor, warm or cold weather. Number of younger or older guests that you invite. DJ table placement .
I prefer no guests between myself and the dance floor because i lose contact with the crowd and cannot read facial expressions, body language etc. The time the dance floor is opened is important. Too early and the guests will not be in the mood to party. Around 9.30 is normally a good time.

What kind of background music do you play during the dinner?

I like to play some good old classics to start off with and then move the tempo up with more modern tracks as the evening progresses.

Can we give a list of music we would like to be played?

Absolutely. I will try and slot as many of your tracks in as possible and use my discretion as to when to play them.

Can we make a list of songs not to play?

Yes with pleasure.

Is it possible for somebody to sing with your microphone?


There is a band playing on our wedding as well. Do you allow them to play over your speakers?

Yes that is perfectly okay. Please give us notice beforehand as some of the needs of a band differ from a normal Dj and we need to be sure we can accommodate this.

How loud do you play the music?

The music volume is constantly evaluated throughout the evening to make sure it is relevant to the mood of the guests and time of the evening.

What does the DJ wear?

Dress is semi formal.

Can you do the sound and music in the chapel or church?

Yes. Please have a look at the different packages that i offer.

What do you need at the venue?

All i need is a reasonably close plug point and a chair to sit on.

Do we have to provide you with food and drinks?

A meal for myself and my assistant is require. Soft drinks are preferable.

We also want to give you CD’s that you must play. May we and when must we give them?

I prefer for you to send me a youtube link of the songs you need.

What time do you arrive at the venue?

I like to get there well in advance, at least 5 hours before the reception starts. This allows for time should there be technical problems to sort out before your dream day starts.

What do you need in the chapel?

Just a power Point.

Can the guests ask for requests to be played?

Yes that is fine, but i will always use my judgment if and when to play it.

Do you disturb the groom with sounds and music during his speech?


Do you display any sort of banner or advertising on the day.

Absolutely not. I do have buisness cards which can be given out if it is needed.

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