I have tried to keep this simple as most people have no idea what all the specifications mean. Simply put, the system i have is loud but still maintains excellent quality sound.

  • Two APPLE MAC laptops just in case of a hard drive failure or someone spilling their drink over one. (This has happened before).These laptops are only used for playing music to avoid the risk of being infected with a virus and crashing.
  • Numark Mixdeck Controller using TRAKTOR PRO 2 software.(ABOVE)
    This gives me the option of playing music from the laptop / cds / usb flash sticks as well as an ipod.
  • Proel Mixing Desk with enough inputs to cover any situation.(ABOVE)
  • Four 15 inch PROEL active speakers. 600 watts each.(ABOVE)
  • Four 10 inch PROEL active speakers. These are used at your ceremony/post ceremony drinks or for speeches.(ABOVE)
  • Cordless SHURE microphone for speeches as well as backup.(ABOVE)
  • Petrol generator in case of a power outage.
  • Setup during the day.
  • Setup at night.
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