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My style of music is based on a mix of new and old, ranging from Sinatra to what’s current on the charts. I generally don’t play heavy metal, rap or house music. Its all about music you know, probably have not heard for a while and songs that make you want to jump up and down.

I am always keen to take requests but always use my better judgment as to whether I play it or not. You will be amazed by the bizaare and awful requests I get. The last thing you want is an empty dance floor with one person bouncing around to his favourite song that nobody has even heard of.

To date I have aprox 100 000 songs and I am always adding the latest hits to stay current with what is playing on the KFM and 5FM charts.

So have a look at the Playlists to the left and it will give you a good idea if i will suit your function or not.

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